We focus on people and their health. At the same time, science is our passion. We are guided by the latest scientific findings and are not afraid to use the latest active ingredients. All of our actions are based on our guiding principle that we want to help people live healthily for longer.

The focus of our work:

  • Uncompromising quality of the raw materials.
  • Optimal bioavailability of the supplements.
  • Study-based formulas, formulated by experts.
  • Lab tested for maximum safety.

Our values are honesty, scientificity and uncompromising quality of our products. To ensure that we can offer you a product with a clear conscience, every idea goes through a rigorous process - our well-kept secret and the basis of our success. We regularly scan professional literature and scientific publications for new findings in longevity research and use the results as a basis for the production of new supplements.

We are also aware of our responsibility towards the earth and our resources. We therefore produce in glass jars with metal lids, use only sustainable packaging and ship climate-neutral. Environmentally friendly refill packs are under development.


Science is striving for radical life extension, in the broadest sense for the end of aging. We want to be part of this revolution. Our mission is to bring you the best Longevity products. As they are designed to counteract the aging process, we cooperate with experts in medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and nutritional sciences. They help us find the most effective ingredients in the field and combine them in a meaningful way to create the greatest possible synergy.

The selection of suitable raw materials is particularly important to us. Here we focus on manufacturers who enjoy an impeccable reputation and can prove the effectiveness of their raw materials with clinical studies.


Our raw materials must already have a microbiological analysis before production. We also have our products tested by independent laboratories in Germany after production. 


We prefer to work with natural ingredients and are strict supporters of the clean label approach. That's why we don't use unnecessary fillers and flowables. We declare all ingredients, even the non-declarable ones.


In our knowledge section, we provide you with relevant content written by experts in the fields of science, such as medicine, molecular biology and genetics. The knowledge area acts as a guide to help as many people as possible translate the "Longevity Lifestyle" into practice. 


In order to accelerate the progress of longevity research and to enable more people to radically extend their lives, we will financially support fundamental scientific projects of longevity research with a part of our revenues.


Production takes place in Germany under high food standards such as BIO, IFS, GMP and ISO22000.


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